General Object Values

Remember that the point of these values is two fold. Firstly so that you can discover values of objects in the world, and so use these values to affect the course of scripts. Secondly so that you can alter the values of those objects, and so alter their behaviour and/or effects in the world.

Text in yellow is quoted or paraphrased from someone else who knows more about that particular thing than I do.



posl, post, posr, posb The left, top, right and bottom edges of the object, respecitveily.
wdth The width of the object
hght The height of the object
liml, limt, limr, limb The left, top, right, bottom limits of the object, respecitveily.
Not sure the difference between this and the "pos" commands
clas The classifying number attatched to the object. Calculated in the folllowing way:
( family# x 256 x 256 x 256 ) + ( genus# x 256 x 256 ) + ( species# x 256 )
fmly The classifying family of the object (in the range 0 to 255)
gnus The classifying genus of the object (in the range 0 to 255)
spcs The classifying species of the object (in the range 0 to 255)
movs Movement status (floating, mouse driven, etc.).
actv Set to 0 in inactivated objects, when activated goes to 1 or 2 depending on how it was activated. Note you usually have to reset the objects actv value to zero so it can be activated again. 
neid Object's neural ID# 0-39. This is how the norn categorizes the object.
attr The attribute value of the object are calculated by adding up the numbers of the physical properties you wish it to have:
NOTE: An object can be either Wallbound OR Groundbound, it cannot be both.
Carryable creature can pick up object 1
Mousable mouse can pick up object 2
Activateable can be activated with mouse 4
Container carries other objects, used for vehicles only 8
Invisible creatures can't see it 16
Floatable floating on screen 32
Wallbound limits movement to current room 64
Groundbound movement only limited by ground surface 128
bhvr user creature Set a Simple Object's reactions to clicks by mouse and activation requests from creatures.
Values for bhvr:
Value user interaction Creature interaction
0 clicks have no effect  creature can take no actions
1 monostable: clicks activate, further clicks have no effect until object is inactive again. activate1
2 retriggerable monostable: clicks activate even if already active activate2
3 toggle: 1st click activates, 2nd deactivates again activate1 activate2
4 cycle: 1st click activate1, 2nd activate2, 3rd deactivate deactivate
5 - activate1 deactivate
6 - activate2 deactivate
7 - activate1 activate2 deactivate
pose The object's current pose.
Pose for simple objects is the current image used from its sprite file, so an object with only one image will always have pose 0.
A compound object has a separate pose value for each part.
objp A value that exists as long as the object does
obv0, obv1, obv2 These three object variables survive as long as the object survives. Do not use these variables for storing data that you only use in the current script. Instead, use var0 - var9.