Creating An Infusion Cob

This type of cob does not  install an object at all, it merely injects chemicals into the current norn.


inst inst run the rest of the script instantaneously (as if within a single tick)
targ norn targ when placed at the start of a command means "set the target to"

norn the currently selected creature, so the target is set to it.
doif gnus ne 1 doif this signifies that this is the start of an DO IF statement

gnus the genus of the target object

ne means "does not equal"

1 is the value used to compare to gnus

The doif command uses two values (in this case "gnus" and "1") and a boolean conjunction. In this particular command, if the genus of the object does not equal 1 (is not a norn but a grendel etc.)  then the next commands will be followed. If it does equal 1 (and so is a norn) then it will skip down and follow the command after the endi statement.

stop This is the only command to be followed if the above statement is found to be true, stop tells us that is will stop running the script. 
endi endi is the "end if" command, making sure that we know no more commands are to followed in connection to the doif command, only if the target creature is a norn will the script continue.
doif spcs eq 1 a new doif command

spcs means the species of the current object

eq "is equal to"

1 the second value,  the norn will be male if its species is 1, so the next command will be followed if the norn is male
stim writ norn 0 255 0 0 29 255 64 255 0 0 0 0 stim means this is a stimulation command, one that affects the norns physiology

writ tells us that only the target norn will be affected

norn the target will be the currently selected norn

0 the first digit is how much the significance neurone will be nudged by, perhaps so the norn knows how important the rest of the command's effects will be

255 the second digit is the number of the sensory neurone to be stimulated,  in this case, 255 means none

0 the third digit is how much to nudge the neurone by (intensity)

0 the fourth digit is a bit record of features, though I'm not sure what this means

The last eight digits refer to four chemicals and the amounts injected from each one:
29 this is the code for Sex Drive Increase (see this page for the complete list)
255 injects 255 units of sex drive increase, the maximum amount you can inject
64 testosterone
255 maximum amount
0 no chemical
0 no amount
0 no chemical
0 no amount

So this line of script injects the target male norn with maximum sex drive increase and testosterone, making him ready to breed.

else else relates to the previous doif command, if the species of the norn is NOT 1 (and so is female) then the next commands are run.
doif baby ne 0 a new doif command

baby is the pregnancy value of a norn, it is set to 0 in a non-pregnant norna nd is set to the moniker of the baby in a pregnant norn

does not equal

0 zero

So if baby does not equal zero then the norn is pregnant.
stop stop the script (if the norn is pregnant)
endi endi end of the doif statement
doif chem 66 gt 0 The final doif statement

chem 66 is the value for chemical number 66, which is progesterone

gt is greater than (or higher than)

0 zero

This means if the norn contains ANY progesterone at all (either pregnant or recovering from one) the next command will be run
stop This stops the script
endi endi ends the doif statement
stim writ norn 0 255 0 0 29 255 63 255 0 0 0 0 stimulates the norn with chemicals 29 (sex drive increase) and 63 (oestrogen)
As pregnant or recovering females have been filtered out, this makes any potentially fertile female norn have a high sex drive and oestrogen, which makes them ready to breed.
endi endif
endm endmodule

In overview, the script first checks the selected creature is a norn, only continuing if it is. If it is found to be male, he is injected with testosterone and sex drive increase. If it is female then it first checks that it is not pregnant or recovering from pregnancy before injecting her with oestrogen and sex drive increase.