Within a Norn egg, information about a the child-to-be is defined as follows:



obv0 Carries the genetic moniker of the baby as a token.
A .gen file with this moniker has already been created at conception.
This genome is what is used by the foetus and following creature.
obv1 Carries the sex of the baby. 0=random, 1=male, 2=female.
All natural eggs use a value of 0.
This value is used when the Norn is created at hatch-time to determine sex.
obv2 Determines if the egg has been picked up or not.
0=undisturbed, 2=disturbed.
When an egg is disturbed, its timed hatching script will cease to operate,
thus making it necessary to place the egg in the incubator.

Extra information:

The contents of obv0 variable come from the baby variable of the mother, which is created at conception.

The foetus processes instincts (using the dreaming function) until it hatches