dde: Commands

I don't as yet fully understand dde: commands, so the information here has been paraphrased largely from bobcob's help file. They are mainly data gathering commands, they seem to place any data data obtained in the "dde buffer".


Command Description
dde: scrp family genus species event Fetch a script from the scriptorium and send it
(used by script editors for reading out and editing existing scripts).
dde: putv value Send an integer value.
dde: puts [string] Send a string - useful for debugging macros, or for returning the results of macro commands to test the truth of some condition.
dde: getb option Gets string and writes to dde buffer. option can be set to "data", "cnam", "ctim", "monk" or "ovvd"
dde: getb data Get all creatures data.
dde: getb cnam Get creature's name.
dde: getb ctim Get time creature has been alive.
dde: getb monk Get creature's moniker.
dde: getb ovvd Returns the following fields (each separated by a "|"symbol) for every creature where creatures are separated by a "&" symbol).

Sex  - 1 for= male, 2 for female
Age - in "hours:minutes"
Pregnancy - either "N/A", "No" or <number>
Life-Force (either <number>% or "Dead")
Medical - either "Healthy", "Sick" or "Dead"
Room (number of room they're in)
xpos  - x coordinate of current position
ypos - y
coordinate of current position
dde: putb [string] value Writes from string to location determined by option token.
For example: "dde: putb [string] data"
This gets
all creatures details and places them in the value data.
"dde: putb [string] cnam"
This will get the creature's name from the string and places in in the value cnam.
dde: pict Takes a snapshot of the current subject and create a standard windows bitmap.
Passes the file name back to client.
dde: negg Updates the number of natural eggs in world.
dde: hatc Updates the number of norns in world if egg hatches.
dde: live Updates the number of norns in world if that changes.
dde: died Updates the number of norns in world if a norn dies.
dde: panc A simple macro to pan camera to creature before the owners kit takes a photo.
dde: lobe Outputs the locations of the brain lobes of the subject of the macro.
Format is "Xstart Ystart width height" after a leading count of the number of lobes based on the 64x48 grid of neurones.
dde: gene Output the number of each of the 12 types of genes.
dde: word index Read a word from target blackboard's list.
Sends "###|text|", where ### is the vocabulary slot (WD_xxx) for the idea represented by the bbd picture whose index is index, and 'text' is the word associated with that picture.
Used by blackboard editor tools to fetch words for editing.
See the blackboard page for writing words into object.
dde: cell lobe cell dentype Get statistics about this neurone. Used by brain debug/analysis tools. Stores the following data in buffer: Output | State | number-of-dens-of-that-type | total Susceptibility | total STW | total LTW | total Strength | The dendrite values are totalled from all dendrites of the given type in that cell - the magnitude will vary according to the number of dendrites, which is given in the returned string (so that gauges and graphs can be scaled appropriately, or mean values calculated).