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(1994 to 2000)

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Nothing found for this year at all, probably did not play as I was at university getting drunk and doing dumb, but fun, student things.

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28th December 2000

Arborium, a new world for Creatures released.

Arborium Map

22nd July 2000

Darwinia, a new world for Creatures released.

Darwinia Map

7th January 2000

The Museum of Albian Natural History and Science, a new world for Creatures released.

Museum Map





1st November 1999

Creatures 3 released, I probably attained it for my birthday (October 13th) or Christmas I don't remember which.

cu_c3_logo.gif (41154 bytes)

I remember being especially impressed with the social interactions the new norns were capable of,
and played a lot for a few months, but eventually I recognised the superiority of the original  ;-)


11th August 1999

Stopped playing to make time for University preparation.


23rd June 1999 , a website hub, launched by Ping.

Another hub called HomeCreatures, was launched this year staffed by
Lis Morris, Helen, fuzzie, Dan, Julianne, LummoxJR and Jcarrcwalk.


6th March 1999

Mooki, my favourite daughter of immortal Dawn was born.


3rd January 1999

Earliest evidence I can find for any sort of website of mine existing,
before I added Creatures content.

This was somewhere near the beginning of my website's founding,
back then it was in a subfolder of my other half's site.






12th December 1998

The Golden Shee Awards:

Frimilin's Kiwi Creatures wins gold

Ping's Creatures Life & Ali's Albia2000 both win silver

LummoxJR of The Norn Underground won bronze


21st October 1998

Eco Disk a new world for Creatures released.

Eco Disk Map

6th October 1998

Haven a new world for Creatures released.

Haven Map

2nd September 1998

Terra Nornica, the first new world for Creatures released.

Terra Nornica Map

27th August 1998

Creatures 2, the anti-Creatures was released.

cu_c2_logo.gif (33536 bytes)

Many, including myself flock to toy with its poorly constructed scripts and idiotic norns hidden under mesmerising graphics.
To be fair to the game, these problems were later fixed by patches and cobs.



29th April 1998

The website Tortured Creatures is launched by AntiNorn, to much controversy.



15th March 1998

Started playing again, but played sporadically, I didn't even play over the Christmas period! I obviously didn't inhale back then.



28th February 1998

The Secret Adventure Mode is discovered by David Wood.



17th February 1998

Albia2000, a website hub, was launched by Ali.



31st January 1998

Peter Smith of CD mag publishes a review of Life Kit #1



15th January 1998

I finally took a break!
For two months, my hands, neck and eyes probably thanked me.







28th  December 1997

The Bacchus mutation was reported to A.G.C.



25th  December 1997

Grendel World, probably the first edited Albia, was released.
It allows grendels to breed in your world



17th  December 1997

The Genetics Kit was released, originally for sale, it is now free!
At some point in this month the second Xmas Pack for Creatures was released.



16th  December 1997

The Santa norn genome was created, trimmed of breeding genes.

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14th  December 1997

John, the rapid ageing son of Dawn was hatched.



30th November 1997

My notorious, very populous, generation 9.



November 1997

Jeff Lundrigan of Imagine Media gave Creatures a glowing  review



October 1997

MOPy fish cyberpet released



21st October 1997

Genomes of Foxy and Vixy the Ron Norns were created, they use a modified version of the original norn sprites.



19th October 1997

Genomes of Sid and Nancy the Forest Norns were created, they are related to PMN.

They were named after Saint Denis and



10th October 1997

Just before my birthday I geekout over my own copy of Creatures.
My mate Sarah aka SazStar bought one around the same time.

I then played it virtually every day for the next six weeks.

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In this month Object Pack 2 was released.



1st September 1997

The term "feral run" was coined.



15th August 1997

Object Pack 2 released, along with the Creatures 1.02 patch



August 1997

Object Pack 1 released, along with the Observation and Preview Kits.

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19th July 1997

Slink's American Cardinal Norns born.



2nd July 1997

Genomes of Sandy and Aaron the Purple Mountain Norns were created.
They were the first full new breed for Creatures.

PMN norns




May 1997

The term "wolfling run" was coined.



March 1997 founded







23rd December 1996

Strippy, my first ever norn was born.
Later that day Blotchy was hatched to keep her company and they had a single son, Glob.


Psychiatrists will note the ancient beginnings of my obsession.
I was forced to stop playing sometime after Christmas, when my sister took her computer back with her to university.
I backed up my norns onto a floppy disk and their descendants still breed in my worlds today.



18th  December 1996

The first Norn 6-Pack was released, containing Buffy, Dion, Jarvis, Melvin, Sharla, and Teesha.
Most of them were hatchery norns, and thus few mutations, all were well raised though.

At some point in this month the first Xmas Pack for Creatures was released, it was quite good.
It included the first version of the Object Injector and the first Santa norn.

injector.jpg (2515 bytes)



23rd November 1996

The first Tamagotchi digit pets were released by Bandai for adoption.



11th November 1996

Creatures was released for general sale.

cu_c1_logo.jpg (29985 bytes)

Also my elder sister's 23rd birthday, so this was probably when she acquired her copy.



5th July 1996

Dolly the first cloned sheep was born.



11th May 1996

The AI Deep Blue defeated chess master Garry Kasparov.



May 1996

Brewers/Bakers Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae's genome was sequenced.
The first species with a nucleus to be completed.



18th March 1996

Cain, the first natural norn born in captivity hatched on this day at 10:50 AM.
His parents are Ron II and Eve



1st January 1996

Ron II is born.








Throughout the year, those destined to be Nornoholics or Creatures players,
toyed with such games as Full Throttle, Abuse & Discworld some still played Doom 2, SimAnt and even Lemmings.
But something wasn't quite right, all were expectantly awaiting something to change their lives forever ;-)



April 1996

Dogz was released by PF Magic, the first game in the Petz series.



6th February 1995

Ron, the first norn created in captivity on this day.







20th November 1994

Cyberlife was set up.

cyberlife.png (4141 bytes)



3rd March 1994

Last version of Creatures 0 was created for DOS








A strange time, I was born, before that my sisters, parents, grandparents, the Queen, Henry VIII, Muhammad, Jesus, Cher, Noah, Methuselah, all the way back to Adam. Supposedly.

At some point we evolved from some other ape, then at one point we we were tarsiers, before that tree shrews - whatever they are.

At some point we came out of the sea, and before this we were some sort of primordial self-organised chemical gloop.

Before this the gods switched on a computer and loaded their favourite game...