Jomish, Korey, Kemmy, Kelsey, Lunk & Millie selected to be genetically modified and cloned to produce five-hour norns and remove the immortality genes, they were also altered to improve appearance and pigment variety.

Still lots of old-age exporting going on.
Kosh was child at two hours adult at three hours

Leto became a child at 20 minutes, adult at 50 minutes.
Linzi was adult at 1h 30m, and died 3h 20m

I accidentally left the game running all day, Marsh was born and died of old age along with Liono, Leto, Munk, Linzi and Kosh.

So I recovered the game and later re-cloned Marsh.

Marsh died at 3h old, Munk at 4h, Miana at 2h 19m, Liono at 7h 20m, Kosh at almost 10 hours, Leto at 9 hours, Moof took a dose of immortality from the Cherubs.

Nala died at 3h 43m.

Olymp died aged four hours old.