I ran a Feral run in a 24 norn world, with the following result:

Xolotl, Zikk, Anabel, Brem, Crom and Celia died.

Many were born and died without me seeing them.

Delia, Duncan, Dor, Dilly, Candra, Deedee, Drake, Ellis, Eliza and Cessa were born.

Several unhealthy & old norns were exported.

The sexes were then separated until numbers reduced to eight, the cause of the population explosion was the use of the 24 norn world.

Genocide: all norns thrice treated with disease and then glycotoxin to screen for weak norns, the eight strongest norns were saved:
Burly, Egbert, Eliza, Erris, Fish, Frenna, Foogle and Gray (Gray unfortunately died on import)