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Strippy sits and awakens to a new world.


These records probably wont hold much interest for other breeders,
they mainly serve as my own records.

There is a handful of downloads for those interesting norns that cropped up,

other norns are freely available if anyone wants to ask for them.
More detailed descriptions of their mutations are on this page.


Norns in a pink box are female, blue boxes are male
Those with black and yellow striped edges have interesting genetics.
Those with blue dashed outlines are hatchery or imported norns.

my_tree.jpg (35280 bytes) The diagram to the left shows the summary of the family tree for the first 20 generations of my norns. There have been 328 born in the first six years that I've been playing sporadically (average 16.4 per generation).

The pink boxes represent females, the blue ones males. Those norns that were either hatchery-born or came from another's computer have a yellow top. Those created by cloning of two same-sexed norns have an orange top.

The green areas are freely bred norns, where I allowed norns to breed with whom they please and as many children as they wished, these mark areas of population expansion/explosion.

The blue areas are strictly controlled generations.
The first wave of this control was imposed to stop promiscuity, though still allowing for slight and gradual population increase (from 18 to 21).

The second wave drastically reduced the population from the all-time peak of 52 down to 18. This measure was meant to reduce the population from being ridiculously unwieldy.

The third wave reduced the population from 23 to just eight, in preparation for the new era. The last wave finished the work of the third wave - reducing the population from 8 to just five.
This was generation 20, the new era.

In total I've bred in around over 900 norns in 140 generations (average of 6.4 per generation). This is only my mainstream C1 population. I have probably witnessed the lives of several thousand norns.