Grenadine's health was naturally at 82%. She died but I cloned her, only to subsequently die again – cause mysterious.
Gilly had trouble giving birth so was C-sectioned, for both births - a mutation prevents her from giving birth.
Gemma was a child by 15 minutes, maybe even earlier. She was adult before 1h 10m, registers as pensioner by BORG when 2h 17m.
Grippi seems to have poor Oestrogen production

The immortal Dawn (at five hours old) was imported as only three males left: Hogwurt, Holl and Goblet

The section in blue is an old *Super* family bred from older generation norns and Dawn’s family.
It first was in power around generation 14, but has been frozen on my hard-drive since.

Jonathun died mysteriously.

Dawn gave birth to Kollie aged 23h 30m!!
Karah and Joopi created artificially using CGM as no females left! (except the immortal Dawn) Only the males Ize, Jonathun & Ieler survived.

Lance was born & died when I wasn’t there, so I cloned him back.
Neal has a mutation preventing him from becoming fertile when his testosterone levels are high.

Dawn begat Oepa when over 34 hours old!