gen 26 to 33 tree


Towards generation 33 and onwards, many generations only have one or two norns in them as the tree stretches out and many norns chose to breed with norns of the generations above and below them.

The next part of the new era is dominated by Io who begat most of the children over five generations, until she died of old age and her daughters took over.

Danny (aged 19h) has child by Io (1h 40m) his great-great-great-grand-daughter

Kaleb has a mysterious sterility, no/low testosterone, despite being a father of two.

Note Ophi the scaredy cat norn.

A third epidemic left Nu, Nim & Noof. Noof was euthanised. 

Ophi had a mutation in fear receptor, making her a fraidy-cat

The end of this era was marked by a fourth epidemic killing all norns except Pod!! This occurred when I was away from my computer having lunch.

This is known to me as the "Pod Genetic Bottleneck".