gen 16 to 20 tree

I finally realised that if I was ever to have fun in the game again I needed to drastically reduce the population. I managed to reduce it quickly to eight in generation 18  - but there was little room for expansion. The new era finally began properly in generation 20.

Acer still wasn’t adult at 3 hours so I forced his ageing.
Aeran had trouble laying egg – C-section was used on her.
Abram, Aizy and 
Booger had little legs as adults.

Bianca – her oestrogen cycle did not begin at puberty, so it was started artificially.
Cill has the wood genome, was adult at 59 minutes.
Cutey was a poor breeder and eater (just like his dad Billie) received pain when eating. Died of starvation.



I realised something had to change or the game would be unplayable. I decided to strictly control the numbers of norns until they were down to low numbers and the game was again fun to play.

Only occasional norns were not allowed to breed, usually due to severe disabling mutations or extremely bad personality defects. But now I was determined to reduce the population to just 8. After a while I had to maintain the process of breeding similar looking norns together to reduce the loss of variation. Generation 17 is down to just eleven norns.


With the alpha generation at just eight norns and the beta generation only up to five, I have managed to temporarily attain an Albia with all my norn living concurrently.
I realised that the number of norns per generation must be extremely low - five or less to work properly.