This time was when I gave up on my strict control of the norns, which had removed most of the fun, hence this generation grew explosively.
Note the presence of Phil - my most prolific morn breeder who was nevertheless relatively faithful to Dana. Mork and Mindy to the left were my first pair of mountain norns so I let them have many offspring. I had already had Alice, an earlier PMn my mate Saz gave me, but she had few PMN descendants.



In this time I imported many new norns from various sources - cyberlife sixpacks, my friends computers and 3rd party norns. As this was a time of population expansion, their descendants eventually numbered over half of the population.

In the next few generations I gradually increased my control over the breeding of my norns until most were forced to be monogamous. At this time there were 22 norns in generation nine.



I got extremely bored at his point, all I seemed to be doing was importing two norns, teaching them, waiting for them to breed, then exporting them. I decided to let my norns breed as they wanted and as a result, the number of norns increased to 52 norns in generation ten!