Gen 4 to 6 tree

The two most important norns to me, here are Mandy and Mike, they were of banana norn type which was relatively new to me at this point, so I over-bred them and overran my gene pool with their descendants! Mandy and Mike were my particular favourites at this time.
Mark and Gary are horse norns I took from the hatchery to increase the number of this breed.

Jane, Jill & Sue were not bred as there were too many females, especially Banana norns

As not all norns were backed up, I only have Beth, Amy and Mark from generation four. Only  Zack, Eric, Phoebe, Babs remain of generation five. All in generation six onwards have been backed up.

Notice Babs the antisocial norn and Sue the horny sleeper whose mutations are detailed on this page.



Mandy and Mike were my favourite norns of the third generation. Although technically Mandy and her brother Dave were in the fourth generation, beneath their father Jeff, I considered them to be in the third generation alongside the other children of Lisa. I only recently accepted my error and altered the family tree accordingly.

Both Mandy and Mike were pure banana norns and at that time this was my favourite breed. I kept them in the canopy, allowing them free reign in the area from the treehouse to the grendel tree. In total they had four children: Eric, Zack, Phoebe, Jenny. Who themselves had a total of twelve children, in fact exactly two thirds of the next generation.