Strippy at the top left was my first ever norn. Lisa was my first super-breeder and incestuous norn
- very disturbing when this first occurred, but I have come to realise this as nornal behaviour.
These early days were one of the most fun times I had playing the game. :-)

The death of Lucy during a computer crash was hurtful to me as she was the first norn I ever lost. This event was probably what spurred me to start backing up all my norns.
Only Amy and Beth are available for downloading as they are the amongst the first ones I backed up when I began to do so.



My first norn was blonde. She was cute with dark legs and body, but a single stripe around each arm. This is why I decided to name her "Stripey", unfortunately I couldn't spell properly then so she ended up as "Strippy"!

I loved her, and with my elder sister's help I took her to the computer to learn the verbs and gradually all around the garden to learn as many nouns as possible.

I remember that to my sister this was just an introduction to the game and was about to export Strippy so I could "start properly", but with a horrified "no!" I stopped her - panic over.

I don't remember much of my travels with her but eventually I decided she needed a companion, obviously I picked a male, who hatched as a dark horse norn, Blotchy. They had lots of fun together and I was surprised when eventually I realised Strippy was pregnant! I was extremely happy and watching the breeders kit i was surprised to see the numbers increase - at first I erroneously thought she had twins...

After a short while Glob was born, also as dark as his father - remember that I had no idea at this point that blonde females and brunette males are the same breed.

Then disaster struck. Apart from a brief introduction to the game and preliminary help with teaching Strippy, my sister had not shown me a lot of the game and I had neglected to encourage my norns to feed, too late my norns became very lifeless, with very low life forces, my sister tickled my norns, telling them to sleep...
I stared horrified and sad. But then determination filled me - using injections from the science kit to keep my dying norns awake, I forced, encouraged and urged my norns from beneath the temple to the sanctuary of the garden. I don't remember how long I struggled to feed them, but eventually I saved all three. 


After a while I realised that Glob needed a mate of his own, even though he was only a child I was thinking ahead. So to the hatchery I went again and out came an extremely pale norn totally unlike my existing three. I named her Lisa unknowing of what hijinks she would bring.

Strippy and Blotchy had probably begun to get old by the time Lisa was old enough to breed, and she begat three children to Glob: Jeff, Lucy and Sarah.

Sadly Lucy died as a child, the computer crashed and she was lost forever.


I realised that Glob and Lisa's children would need mates, so I hatched two new eggs, one of each sex. Linda looked exactly like Lisa, and Bongo had Blotchy/Glob's head and a fluffy norn's body and limbs. These two norns had three sons together: Jake, Mike and Andy.

Here's where the trouble started, Lisa obviously began to get more randy and Glob was not enough for her, first turning to her own son - Jeff, mating with him twice to produce Mandy and Dave, then she turned to Bongo, the father of the second family group, to produce Cathy.

This is a complete anthology of the first three generations.