Chapter 26: Worries

Just before hitting the ground the engine fired up, propelling the ship across the surface and thus slowing its fall down before finally burrying it in the sandy ground. Even a very careful observer would have had problems to note this new groove was leading to that new yet low hill. The orange dust and the strange light made it disappear. Even the smoke coming from the hill merged with the background. But there, wasn't there something blinking at the horizon? Maybee just an illusion...

Meanwhile on board of the Albian Explorer Rain was shouting at Erik.

"What the hell do you mean with 'we lost contact'? It was *your* job to make sure that something like that can't happen. What are you saying to your defense?"

"What do you mean with defense? Everything was all right until they reached the atmosphere. The dust must be blocking the signal."

"Find a workaround then. Do I have to tell you everything? Am I the tech specialist or are you?"

"What do you think I've been doing? I tried everything I could think of, but nothing worked. You are not the only one here who's worried."

"WORRIED? Did you actually listen to what I said?!"

He gave Silk a sign.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" she cried when Silk gave her an infusion.

"Nothing to worry about..." Silk replied.

"HA, NOThing to wor... ry... a..."

Rain already snoozed.

"Put her in her bed. The last few days were a little bit too much for her. Oh, and keep trying to reach our team. I'll try to get some sleep myself..."