Edited Albian


Below is a selection of edited versions of Albia for you to download and try:



Description Author YearSize
48Albia Squared
This is not just edited, it's a complete and very ambitious overhaul, with many added plants watch in a whole spectrum of colours.

It's incomplete, hopefully they'll come back to this wonderful project.. in the meanwhile check out the screenshots at the bottom of this page.
Up to 48 creatures can breed
GirlySatan201810.27 Mb
12Custom WorldThis wonderful world has many updates, several of which she had earlier released as cobs:

- Favorite Places preset
(Incubator, Garden, Temple, Docks, Island, and Settlement)
- 12 Norn Incubator & Population
- Grendel Friendly &  Multiple Grendel Selector Button
- Updated Carrots, Lemons and Cheese
Jessica201634 Kb
24Albia PrimeAll species can breed, and all adults can mate with each other. Many lifeforms and objects have been added, and many rooms and utilities too!MuppetBoy
20224.90 Mb
48ArcadiaAll species can breed, and all adults can mate with each other. Many lifeforms and objects have been added. Has a classical greek flavour.
(still being worked on)
-30 Mb
121Baby WorldAllows norns of any age to breed, if they are genetically altered to hit puberty earlier.200384Kb
12NeoSome things have been moved, toys and food have been added.2002322Kb


A world with lots of additions.?2000244 Kb
12(12 Norn)
Mostly Harmless Minimum
(12 Norn)
 Wolfling World Minimum
-The Wolfling versions have a few added food sources to help with wolfling runs.
The Mostly Harmless versions have no dangers apart from disease.

(24 Norn) Mostly Harmless

(24 Norn) Wolfing World

(24 Norn) World 28 Kb52 Kb28 Kb

(48 Norn) Mostly Harmless

(48 Norn) Wolfing World

(48 Norn) World

28 Kb54 Kb
30 Kb

Premium World

Allows up to 48 creatures. It has improved breeding rules, tons of extra music, toys, the bees and hive upgrade and the Beelacanth. 659 Kb
12Gen 1 PlanetContains two Sweet norns, four hatchery norns and four eggs. Also contains lots of cobs, but no sprites so it unfortunately will not work!Jeanne Kramer
1998267 Kb
24Starter Worlds

(basis of many other worlds)

Come with copy of scripts in a cob. Contain no objects whatsoever
Anything goes mating scripts.
Used for Terra Nornia
Sandra Linkletter19989.50 Kb
Only opposite sex and same species mating, neutral reaction otherwise
9.51 Kb
#3Only opposite sex and same species mating, pain increase otherwise9.56 Kb

Grendel World

Allows grendels to breed, but only if they are genetically capable, this was very groundbreaking when it was originally released. 199729 Kb
121EdenThe original Eden in case you've lost yours through editing.Cyberlife199728 Kb
Albia Squared
Beta Screen grabs

I especially love the cloud layer and the banana tree :-)

In this image there is a lot of lovely colours, I really love the treehouse extensions and colourful profusioin of plants.
Even in beta, this world has a lot to offer :-)