Transgendered Norns are what they sound like - norns with a different gender identity to their assigned birth gender

George, is feminine, looks like a lass, but was definitely born male
Alex is the butch bloke that was born female


Transgender symbol


They keep the reproductive sex of their birth and are both fertile.
All changes in their form are aesthetic as far as the game is concerned.







 They fill slot 6 (ron norns) but I plan to also release them in a slot 9 version. Their genetics are based on Frimlin's Wood Norn (RHE) genome, with females made dark blue, males made pale pink.


This breed was relatively easy to make. The male has the female horse head, and the female fox arms, legs and body.
The female has the male horse head & body, and male ron arms and legs.

Using the
knowledge I have of sprite (.SPR) and body data (.ATT) files, I copied the required files to a separate folder.
The sprites/att files I used were:


I then created a batch file to rename all male (?0??) files to female (?4??) and vice versa, and rename all files to be in slot 6.

Then I used Creatures Editor to alter the genetics of the wood.gen to make the norn's appearances to be of slot 6, and I sex-linked the pigment genes so that the females were dark blue (2/3 blue, no green or red) and the males were pale pink (lots 2/3 red and green)


 transgender ouranos


Further plans for later versions:


males less aggressive, and produce oestrogen which makes them fertile


females more aggressive, produce testosterone which makes them fertile


create slot 9 version for those that would prefer to keep their ron norns

Also might use Amazon as the base genome, as their gender roles are reversed