Munchkin Norns V3




Idea inspired by Markham Caroll's Dwarf norns.
Their names are inspired by Tolkien: Goldberry and Bilbo

v1 - alterations to normal genome:

The males are pale blue, the females are pink.
They never grow up! yet become fertile when they age.
Females get socks and males get arm stripes when sexually mature.

They fill breed slot 7.

Age twice as fast (ageing decay speed increased).
They become fertile when very young, but also die young.
Quick gestation & recovery from pregnancy.
Fertile when healthy (glycogen high not testosterone or oestrogen)
Receptive to sperm when healthy (glycogen not sex drive)

Get crowded and hungry, not angry and less sleepy when slapped.
Punished, not rewarded for slapping other norns.

Rewarded not punished for sex drive increase.
Increased rewards for sex drive lowering.
They also have Equal Rights mating gene.

Twice as much nourishment obtained from food!

Lots of glucose & glycogen when born.
High sex drive and testosterone or oestrogen when born.

Provided as taught, full vocabulary children and adults.



  V2 - following alterations:

Non-baby poses deleted.

Males get randy not rowdy from alcohol like females.

All genes activated at birth.
Unnecessary ageing genes removed (only two life stages).
Menopause genes removed.
Elderly wandering gene removed (stimulus).

Problems fixed:
As male had banana body for some reason.
Female .att needed replacing.
Fixed male limbs and body growing when ageing.

Munchkin Lollypop Guild


v3 - alterations:

Ageing speed fixed, was accidentally slowed not sped.
Mother and father in genus gene altered.