Breed Ideas

Here is a selection of breed ideas that have yet to come to fruition.
If you want to help finish them, contact me.



Blond v2Blond v2Right hand version has gold arm band from female PMN. As well as golden thigh spots and tail from Santa '97.

Left hand version has additional golden stripes and no horns.
idea - diddy.jpg (1237 bytes) Diddy An idea for a life stage before baby so we can have a wider variety of smaller norns.
idea - sasuke.jpg (1975 bytes) Sasuke Uses fluffy norn as base with banana norn ears and horse norn samples for eyes and hair.
idea - bluonj.jpg (2245 bytes) Bluonj This is the male head, with female ears, orange fur and blue hair.
idea - snow pony.jpg (2144 bytes)Snow PonyA blend of snow and PMN sprites.
idea - tresses.jpg (2250 bytes) Tresses Uses female fluffy as base, eyes turned green, ear from male fluffy and hair sampled from female golden desert norn.
idea - grorndel.jpg (2482 bytes)GrorndelInspired by the Ettanorns, a mid-point between norns and grendels.
Based on male Wood norns.
Dracogren Dracogren A blending of Dragon norn horns
and Boney Grendels.
idea - borlanda.jpg (3430 bytes)Borlanda
Uses a blend of Boney Grendel and
Borland the water monster.
naked_pg.jpg (7266 bytes) Naked norns I thought it might be fun to add a little realism to the game, click on the image to the left to see the R rated picture.