This is the eighth cohort of 26 generations named alphabetically by generation.

Use the table below to find downloads, pictures and more details.

Generation 200 A8 Generation 213 N8
Generation 201 B8 Generation 214 O8
Generation 202 C8 Generation 215 P8
Generation 203 D8 Generation 216 Q8
Generation 204 E8 Generation 217 R8
Generation 205 F8 Generation 218 S8
Generation 206 G8 Generation 219 T8
Generation 207 H8 Generation 220 U8
Generation 208 I8 Generation 221 V8
Generation 209 J8 Generation 222 W8
Generation 210 K8 Generation 223 X8
Generation 211 L8 Generation 224 Y8
Generation 212 M8 Generation 225 Z8

February 2022 to date

Read on to see family trees and stories about my norns.

Generations 200 to

I began this Cohort in my new Albia Prime.

As this is the current cohort, and I am barely to the G generation, there is little to say so far.

Watch this space!