This is the fifth cohort of 26 generations named alphabetically by generation.

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Generation 122 A5 Generation 135 N5
Generation 123 B5 Generation 136 O5
Generation 124 C5 Generation 137 P5
Generation 125 D5 Generation 138 Q5
Generation 126 E5 Generation 139 R5
Generation 127 F5 Generation 140 S5
Generation 128 G5 Generation 141 T5
Generation 129 H5 Generation 142 U5
Generation 130 I5 Generation 143 V5
Generation 131 J5 Generation 144 W5
Generation 132 K5 Generation 145 X5
Generation 133 L5 Generation 146 Y5
Generation 134 M5 Generation 147 Z5

August 2004 to January 2008

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Generations 122 to 147


These generations were dominated by the effects of The Rage mutation.
Afflicted individuals have an anger receptor that has become digital rather than analogue, so triggers angry behaviour quickly and easily.
Violence became the order of the day, and so breeding rates plummeted.

Eventually I realised this mutation existed and bred/gene edited it out of existence.
Watch this space, more details forthcoming.