This is the third cohort of 26 generations named alphabetically by generation.

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Generation 70 A3 Generation 83 N3
Generation 71 B3 Generation 84 O3
Generation 72 C3 Generation 85 P3
Generation 73 D3 Generation 86 Q3
Generation 74 E3 Generation 87 R3
Generation 75 F3 Generation 88 S3
Generation 76 G3 Generation 89 T3
Generation 77 H3 Generation 90 U3
Generation 78 I3 Generation 91 V3
Generation 79 J3 Generation 92 W3
Generation 80 K3 Generation 93 X3
Generation 81 L3 Generation 94 Y3
Generation 82 M3 Generation 95 Z3

May 2003 to January 2004

Read on to see family trees and stories about my norns.

Generations 70 to 74

I ran a Feral run in a 24 norn world, with the following result:

Xolotl, Zikk, Anabel, Brem, Crom and Celia died.

Many were born and died without me seeing them.

Delia, Duncan, Dor, Dilly, Candra, Deedee, Drake, Ellis, Eliza and Cessa were born.

Several unhealthy & old norns were exported.

The sexes were then separated until numbers reduced to eight, the cause of the population explosion was the use of the 24 norn world.

Genocide: all norns thrice treated with disease and then glycotoxin to screen for weak norns, the eight strongest norns were saved:
Burly, Egbert, Eliza, Erris, Fish, Frenna, Foogle and Gray (Gray unfortunately died on import)

Generations 75 to 78

Lots of high health norns traced to a gene from Sam, who inherited it from Jason, an experimental norn. I first noticed this problem in Erris who was at 92% health.

Gachi was still child-sized at 5 hours old!

Still lots of old-age exporting going on.

Ager was a normal norn created to Study the ageing process, that be bred was unplanned, although this caused no problems.

Generations 79 to 84

Jomish, Korey, Kemmy, Kelsey, Lunk & Millie selected to be genetically modified and cloned to produce five-hour norns and remove the immortality genes, they were also altered to improve appearance and pigment variety.

Still lots of old-age exporting going on.
Kosh was child at two hours adult at three hours

Leto became a child at 20 minutes, adult at 50 minutes.
Linzi was adult at 1h 30m, and died 3h 20m

I accidentally left the game running all day, Marsh was born and died of old age along with Liono, Leto, Munk, Linzi and Kosh.

So I recovered the game and later re-cloned Marsh.

Marsh died at 3h old, Munk at 4h, Miana at 2h 19m, Liono at 7h 20m, Kosh at almost 10 hours, Leto at 9 hours, Moof took a dose of immortality from the Cherubs.

Nala died at 3h 43m.

Olymp died aged four hours old.

Generations 85 to 95