& Mixes


There are several terms out there used to describe those individuals that have elements of both norns and grendels in them,
the following table explains the differences:

Appearance Race Description Species
N = norn
G = grendel
N = norn
G = grendel

N = norn
G = grendel

norgren.gif (10867 bytes) Norn The basic fluffy creatures. N N N
Norgrenorn A norn with sex-linked genus genes that can have grendel as well as norn children. N N & G
Norndel norn / grendel hybrid that looks like a norn. N N & G
Norgren A grendel breed that looks like a
banana norn as it uses the same sprites.
grorn.jpg (4626 bytes) Grorn Norn breed that has uses grendel sprites
so that they look like grendels
Grenorn norn / grendel hybrid that looks like grendel
(or used to describe any norn/grendel cross)
G N & G
Nornelnorn / grendel hybrid that has a norn mother, and grendel father (meaning grenorns have the opposite) under this definition
Grenorndel A grendel with sex-linked genus genes that can have norn as well as grendel children. G N & G
Grendel The run-of-the-mill scaly green dude. G G


Other known terms for species mixes are as follows:

Name Description Races
ettanorn.jpg (5199 bytes) Etta / Ettorn / Ettinorn A norn breed which is the missing link between ettins and norns. N  




nottin.jpg (4147 bytes) Nettin / Ettinorn /
Norntin / Nottin
A norn / ettin hybrid.

A Nottin is also the name of an ettin-like norn breed.

shee3.jpg (5393 bytes) Greih A breed of norn that looks like a shee. N     S
Ettinorndel / Nortindel
/ Grettinorn / Grenottin
grendel / norn / ettin hybrid N G E  
Nottishee norn / ettin / shee hybrid N   E S
Ettindel / Grettin  grendel / ettin hybrid   G E  
Grettishee grendel / ettin / shee hybrid   G E S
Ettishee ettin / shee hybrid     E S


The Grelloran Project

Whilst playing around with a norn genome, I realised that you could give a norn two genus genes and sex-link them.
In this way, I theorised you could have, for example, a male norn with an inactive female grendel gene. So some of his daughters would be grendels (the others would inherit the usual norn genus gene from their mother).

I finally decided to create a pair of norns and a pair of grendels, all of which had genes for the opposite sex and genus.
To keep it simple, I used the RHE5 genome as the base, and kept all appearance genes as type 0
which will mean banana norn or regular grendel, depending on the genus.

I created two genomes in the end, the Male Norn Female Grendel (MNFG) and the Male Grendel Female Norn (MGFN).
From them I produced four creatures, a breeding pair of Norngrenorns and another of Grenorndels.
Technically Nora and Gerald are a pair of twins as are Norman and Gertie.

Name Race Description Sex Species
N = norn
G = grendel
Norman Norgrenorn Male fluffy norn with a recessive female grendel gene M N MNFG
Nora Norgrenorn Female fluffy norn with a recessive male grendel gene F FNMG
Gertie Grenorndel  Female grendel with a recessive male fluffy norn gene F G MNFG
Gerald Grenorndel Male grendel with a recessive female fluffy norn gene M FNMG


Note that the creatures provided have a few minor mutations, and so the original genomes are provided as well.
Also, if you want the grendels to have child and elderly sprites, download and install them.
I'd also recommend Jessica's updated grendels for better sprites.