WAV files

Purple = from Life Kit, Christmas or Object packs from Cyberlife
Pink = environmental sounds

Red  =  Grendel syllables and sounds
Blue = Norn syllables and sounds
Grey = unused sounds

Green = 3rd Party

SPR name  Description Details
ahh  choir sound Used by my Olympia
aiae grendel "ay" Grendel sound
argh grendel "arg"
asba grendel "asba"
ayee grendel "aye"
ball "bang" thud sound 
bang "smash" Sound of the smashing jugs, smashing
bble bubbling sound of the submarine
Bee0 male norn "bee" Norn Sounds
Bee1 female norn "bee"
bees buzzing Hive with bees sound
Beh0 male norn "beh" Norn speech
Beh1 female norn "beh"
Ber0 male norn "ber"
Ber1 female norn "ber"
Bing bing Incubator releasing new norn
bkeg beer keg running Steve Dismuke's Beer Keg
blib "bibble" Unused
Boh0 male norn "boh" Norn speech
Boh1 female norn "boh"
boun "bounce" Ball bouncing sound
brny "yow" Unused
bugs "yeear" Albian Carrot Beetle battlecry
butt button sound Call button sound
cag2 cage closing Grendel cage closing
Cah0 male norn "cah" Norn speech
Cah1 female norn "cah"
cann cannon Cannon firing
carsdriving soundUsed by Xmas 1997
cart cart rumbling Sound of raft under the sea and the garden.
cav2 dipping Atmospheric sound for Cave
Chn0 male norn "chn" Norn speech
Chn1 female norn "chn"
Chw0 male norn "chwa"
Chw1 female norn "chwa"
chwc chew cheese Creature eating sounds
chwl chew lemon
chwp chew p?
clik click Raft buttons etc.
cofe coffee slurp Creature drinking coffee
coincoins droppingUsed by Xmas 1997
comp computer Computer edit word sound
cong congas Steerpike's Congas
coug coughing Creature Sound
crac nut cracking Coconuts cracking
crak egg cracking Creature egg hatching
crys crystal sound Teleportation Crystals activating
Dah0 male norn "dah" Norn speech
Dah1 female norn "dah"
dead norn death moan
des_ Buzzy button press used by Eric Leif's Teleporter
Do_0 male norn "doe" Norn speech
Do_1 female norn "doe"
Doh0 male norn "doo"
Doh1 female norn "doo"
doh_ Homer going "Doh!" used by Eric Leif's Teleporter
dome winds Atmospheric sound for Dome
drip drip Water drip
drm1 drum bang Sound of the drum
drnk drink slurp Sound of hooch being drunk
drop dropped object thud Sound of object being dropped, used for many objects
Ee_0 male norn "ee" Norn speech
Ee_1 female norn "ee"
fall waterfall The water fall running
fire fire crackling Kitchen fireplace noise
Flag flags in wind Sound of the triangular treehouse flags
Flam ? ?
Foh0 male norn "foh" Norn speech
Foh1 female norn "foh"
Foo0 male norn "foh"
Foo1 female norn "foh"
frij "thunk" Sound of fridge door - unused in original Albia
Gar1 birdsong Atmospheric sounds for Garden
Gar2 birdsong
Gar3 birdsong
garr grendel "gar" Grendel speech
gauw grendel "gow"
gdie grendel death grunt Grendel sound
gig1 "ha ha" Norn laughter
gig2 long laugh
gig3 "he he he he"
glaf grendel laugh "ho ho" Grendel sounds
goww grendel "gow"
greg grendel hatching
grht ? Grendel hatching sound?
grnn grendel "grum" Grendel speech
gror grendel "groar"
grun grendel "gruh"
gscr ? Grendel Scarer
gshv grendel shiver? Grendel sounds
gslp grendel after slap
gsnr grendel snores
Ha_0 male norn "ha" Norn speech
Ha_1 female norn "ha"
hdsk hatchery disk hatchery disk sounds
hegg hatchery egg hatchery rustling eggs sound
heli sproing Helicopter toy sproing
hfan hatchery fan hatchery fan sound
hfml "jingle" hatchery "egg selected" sound
hlgt lightning hatchery spark sound
hmle jing hatchery sound
hony honey licking Creature eating / licking honey
hrp1 "ding" Harp individual notes
hrp2 "ding"
hrp3 "ding"
hrp4 "ding"
hrp5 "ding"
hrpd scale Harp descending scale
hrpu scale Harp ascending scale
hslt "zap" Egg appearing
icls "thunk" Incubator closing
iend whirring End of the incubation cycle
ilop whirring Sound for loop of incubation
imem grendel "imem" Grendel sound
inc1 humming Incubator end of cycle
ind1 hum and air release Incubator opening
iopn air release Incubator opening
jack laughter Jack in the box
juke music Unused jukebox music
Jun1 animal calls Atmospheric sounds for Jungle
Jun2 animal calls
Jun3 animal calls
Kah0 male norn "kah" Norn speech
Kah1 female norn "kah"
Ke_0 male norn "ke"
Ke_1 female norn "ke"
kis1 smooch Norn kissing sounds
kis2 kissss pop
kitb jingly Breeders Kit Sound
kitf flute Funeral Kit Sound
kith heartbeat Health Kit Sound
kito jingly Observation Kit Sound
kitp jingly Owners Kit Sound?
kits bubbling & rat squeak Science Kit Sound
Koh0 male norn "koh" Norn speech
Koh1 female norn "koh"
Lft2 clockwork Lift moving sound
Lift humming Unused
Loh0 male norn "loh" Norn Sound
Loh1 female norn "loh"
maan grendel "man" Grendel sound
Mah0 male norn "mah" Norn speech
Mah1 female norn "mah"
Me_0 male norn "may"
Me_1 female norn "may"
Mno0 male norn "myo"
Mno1 female norn "myo"
mst1 hiss of gas Grendel Scarer gas
MU01 music General Atmospheric musical pieces, together they were originally a piece called:

"Creatures Montage"
by Andrew Barnabas (aka Nightshade)

MU02 music
MU03 music
MU04 music
MU05 music
MU06 music
MU07 music
MU08 music
MU09 music
MU10 music
MU11 music
MU12 music
MU13 music
MU14 music
MU15 music
MU16 music
MU17 music
MU18 music
MU19 music
MU20 music
MU21 music
MU22 music
MU23 music
MU24 music
MU25 music
MU26 music
MU27 music
MU28 music
ndol "mah meh" LummoxJr's Norn Doll
Niy0 male norn Norn speech
Niy1 female norn
nln grendel "nil nil" Grendel sound
Noh0 male norn "yoh" Norn speech
Noh1 female norn "yoh"
oarr grendel "wor" Grendel sound
Oce1 watery sound Atmospheric Sounds for Ocean
Oce2 watery sound
oogh grendel "oog" Grendel sound
opop "pop" Olympia
ow!1 "ouch!" Norn yelps
ow!2 "ouch!"
ow!3 "ouch!"
pade "splashing" Paddle boat splash - end of journy
padl "splashing" Paddle boat splash - loop
Pah0 male norn "pah" Norn speech
Pah1 female norn "pah"
phel stretch Pushed helicopter toy
pian piano notes Music of piano, played on loo[
Poh0 male norn "poh" Norn Sound
Poh1 female norn "poh"
punc grendel punching Grendel sound
Pus0 male norn "pss" Norn speech
Pus1 female norn "pss"
rad1 music Unused radio music
rad2 music Unused radio music
radi music Jukebox music
ragh grendel "rah" Grendel sound
Rah0 male norn "rah" Norn speech
Rah1 female norn "rah"
rain dripping Olympian Rain cloud
Ras0 male norn "rah" Norn speech
Ras1 female norn "rah"
Roh0 male norn "roh"
Roh1 female norn "roh"
saxo sax solo Saxophone sound
say1 music "and now for something" backwards and sped
say2 music "completely different" backwards and sped
scar grinding Grendel Scarer
sclo clank Submarine hatch closing
Sei0 male norn "say" Norn speech
Sei1 female norn "say"
shiv shivering sound Norn Sound
Show shower dripping Sound of the shower
snee "achoo" Norn Sound
sonr blip Submarine moving sound
Soo0 male norn "soh" Norn speech
Soo1 female norn "soh"
splt splat Slink's cockroaches
spnk smack Spanking slap sound
Sprg sproing Sound of film display coming down
sqek sqeaking Sound of Robot toy running
STEP thud Creature footstep
stng "spoing" Bee stinging sound
stov crackling Sound of the kitchen fire
Sub1 drips and wind Atmospheric Sounds for Submarine Bay
Sub2 drips and wind
Sub3 drips and wind
Tckl scritch Tickling creatures
telb zap Teleporter sound
tele zap Teleporter sound
thun thunder strike Olympia
tick tick Clock tick
top1 top "wheee" Spinning toy sound
trm1 trumpet Trumpet sound
trm2 trumpet Trumpet sound
tune tuning acroxx stations Radio sound
undl grendel "undle" Grendel speech
ungr grendel "ungruh"
Uraf splashing Underground raft sound
vend clank Vending sound used by most vendors
Wah0 male norn "wah" Norn speech
Wah1 female norn "wah"
wav1 splash Waves on beach
wav2 splash
Wee0 male norn "wee" Norn speech
Wee1 female norn "wee"
Weh0 male norn "way"
Weh1 female norn "way"
whir click & whirr Camera in Owner's Kit
whiswhistleUsed by Xmas 1997
whsh whoosh Olympia
Woh0 male norn "woh" Norn speech
Woh1 female norn "woh"
word bleep Computer bleep for each word
Yau0 male norn "yow" Norn speech
Yau1 female norn "yow"
yhan grendel "yan" Grendel speech
ymcaYMCA by Village PeopleUsed by Tape Player by Steve Dismukes
yoou grendel "yoo"
zyo0 male norn "zoh" Norn speech
zyo1 female norn "zoh"
zzzz snoring