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Grendel Reproductive Strategies

Original Grendels The Grendel mother is a parasite/symbiont
upon the great tree Yggdrasil, she lays single male eggs from time to time.
New Grendel
Creates up to nine fertile colourful grendelsMuppetBoy
Machine Gender Changer
Allows you to switch the Grendel Mother's children between all male, all female or random, but are still sterile and monocoloured.Kinnison
Sexual Grendels  Fertile Grendels are very much like norns,
and use a very similar genome.
- various -
Macro GregoidThis symbiont lives on the roots of Yggdrasil
and gives birth to live miniature grendels of all colours.



How to Breed Grendels


If you want to alter a world so that any grendels in it can breed, first use a hex editor to open the relevant world.sfc file.
Then do a search and replace as follows:

Search for: doif gnus eq 2
Replace with: doif gnus eq 9

This will allow the grendels to behave just like a norn.
To save effort, you can use a Grendel World or just add the Grendel Friendly cob to an existing world.

You will still need grendels with reproductive genes and the missing sprites if you want to be able to breed them,
and have them have a life cycle like that of norns with baby and elderly forms.
I reccomend you also use 
updated grendels by Jessica to fix the small errors with these files.