Dispelling of Common Grendel Myths

1) grendels do not "spread disease"
a) They become sick just as often as norns do.
b) They pass these diseases on in the same way norns do.
2) grendels are not intentionally violent
a) They have genes that make them angry when they hear or see norns - breedable grendel genomes don't contain such genes.
b) Even if they want to kiss or tickle norns, the game is scripted to automatically make them hit them instead - note that the Grendel Friendly cob fixes this whilst simultaneously stopping them secreting glycotoxin and making them able to breed, but only if they have a genome allowing them to be fertile.
3) grendels do not "steal food"
a) They merely eat food as and when they need it, as any hungry creature will
b) Grendel territory is low on food resources so they are forced to wander into norn areas if they are to find food and not starve.
c) No food is actually labelled. Food is common property like everything else.


According to Steve Grand in his Mythography, Grendels were originally going to be
"A Grendel is a solitary, highly pugnacious creature, resembling a huge, titanium spider."


Grendel Origins and Life cycle

c1_grendel_egg.jpg (2205 bytes)  c3_grendel.jpg (5604 bytes)

Grendels, or Cyberlifogenis vicious, are the first product of the Shee Experiments, before after the ettins and the norns.
They breed in an unusual fashion.
They are probably asexual or perhaps eusocial in that the solitary male grendels you will see in Albia (C1 or C2) are sterile, as if they are some sort of worker or soldier caste.

The only naturally fertile grendels are the grendel mothers, which seem to produce eggs without being mated, which instantly hatch into fully-grown male grendels.
The grendel can be made to create females, but they are similar to the males in that they share a similar appearance and are also infertile.

It could be that the grendel mother in the original Creatures is somehow damaged or mutated and her infertile children are somehow sterilised as a result.
Besides the original grendels, there is also a breed of fertile grendels that grow and reproduce in a similar manner to norns that can be introduced into the world.

 A similar story can be seen on the Shee Spaceship, a grendel mother, with a drastically different appearance can be seen giving birth to male children - with a difference that they are perfectly capable of fathering children, but there are no natural females present.

The only real mystery is in Creatures 2, where grendel eggs seem to grow out of the ground with no obvious presence of a grendel mother. These grendels are also sterile. Again there are fertile versions of the same grendels in existence.

My hypothesis is that these eggs are somewhat fungal, which could explain why the other Grendel Mothers are sessile.
Perhaps all Grendel Mothers are symbiotic or parasitic?