Genetic Breeds

 These grendels will still require a Grendel World or Grendel Friendly to breed them

Summer & Winter Erzan Grendel Man
(D.L. Yomegami)
These grendels are warm blooded, capable of maintaining body temperature. They also have fight or flight genes and are less prone to anger than regular grendels.
Lobster & Shrimp Crabeater Crabeaters are better at digesting food and resiting pain, making them perfect for life on the island eating crabs and coconuts.
Fish & Marine Aqua Aqua Grendels are resistant to coldness, although they can still get cold. In addition, they also have a slightly better immune system, and live longer then regular grendels.
Ambryn & Krakatoa Scortch Derive nutrition from heat, and become sluggish in cold, extra aggressive.
Lilith & Lucifer Incubi Placid and social, gain nutrition from being tickled or hit.
Lamp & Glow Light Gain glycogen from light. They are slightly more aggressive and live half as long as regular grendels.
Nitemare Dark Slaterbait

These grendels feature in the Mechan Saga
She fears norns, but will attack if touched
Grink & Grunk Drinking Breedable, enjoy drinking, a lot.
-unnamed- Mountain Vicious grendels.
Snarg & Snide Swamp They come with a warning:
"may cause pain and suffering"
Figgle Tree A typical grendel
Bunyip (M)
Mango (F)
Breedable Gaz Many differences between their genome and the standard.
Plum (M)
Peach (F)
Purple Breedable Coloured purple and fertile
.gen files Many Coloured Slink
These guys have the enhanced eating and sleeping habits,and the flight or fight behavior of Life Kit norns .
Grape & Gillian Many Coloured These grendels are bred from the genomes above, they are from The Truth About Grendels
-unnamed-GrendelsMonika's CreaturesThese grendels are also bred from Slink's many coloured grenels.
Doriet, Durc, Feodora, Florida, Franko, Gor, Grog, Kirgula, Mechthild, Shelby, Shona, Telsa Monika's
Doringo These grendels can distinguish between roots & fruits. They come with a cob for changing these classifications for carrots and lemons, and norn versions.
One of the four downloads didn;t work for me.
Wiggley, Fidget, Tony, Blues, Little Guy & Dawn.Midget Grendels Zab (Elizabeth) of The Rise Of Norn CivilisationDo not become fully grown, and are immortal.
Grentilda.Swamp GrendelsRisenAngelShe recovers from the antigens faster. She's fed by geddonase, immune to glycotoxin. Reduces effect of pain, and less temperamental than normal grendels. She is based on Slink's Multicoloured Grendels.

 I couldn't get hold of the Midget Grendels, please send me a copy if you have one