Original Genomes


Here is a diagram showing the breeds of the original genomes.

Genome Breeds

Every hatchery egg has a mum# and dad# genome as parents.
Mostly they are identical apart from their pigmentation and appearance genes.

The exceptions are mum3 and dad3, as Purple Mountain norns, they have an twelve extra or modified genes.
Go here for more details of PMN genetics.

The gren genome is used for all grendels that come from the Grendel Mother (egg machine).
here for more details of grendel genetics.

The test genome was probably used to test out the game during development. In cheat mode you can add test norns, they use this dDNA.
The only difference between this and the mum# and dad# genomes is the lack of the gene that reduces hunger.
This could eventually kill the norn by not providing any reward for eating.


This download is in case you have accidentally replaced your original files,
as I have done on more than one occasion without backing them up!