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The first thing you I reccomend do, if you are planning on studying norn genetics is to download these user-friendly programs:
Creatures Editor by Daniel Smallman, which allows you to do many useful things, amongst which is the ability to easily manipulate any creature's genome.
DDNA Analyser by Sandra Linkletter. This handy little tool compares any two genome files to find differences, it also shows a complete breakdown of any genome.

Creatures Genetic Manipulator by Alexander Laemmle. This allows you to inject any genome either as an egg or a baby norn. Allowing you to clone, cross genomes, and choose the sex of the newborn.

Creatures Genetics Kit The official gene editor for C1, now released for free :-)

Genes Figure
Figure 1
Shows when the mother and father have different genes (B and C) the offspring can inherit either gene, or it could mutate into a new gene D.
Figure 2
Shows how sex-linked gene (E) can be passed onto offspring of either gender, but the gene is only active (capitalised) in one gender.
crossover & mutationAs you can see to the left, the parent's genes are inherited across crossover points.
These are where the game decides which genes come form which parent.
After this stage, mutations are affected, deleting, duplicating or changing genetic data.