Biochemistry Genes

Chemical Reactions Gene
Bit Description Detail
11 Substrate Chemical 1 Substrates must all be present in an amount equal to or greater than the amount required for the reaction to take place.

See the chemical list for details

12 Amount of  Chemical 1
13 Substrate Chemical 2
14 Amount of  Chemical 2
15 Product Chemical 3 The product depicts what chemicals
(if any) are produced by the reaction
16 Amount of  Chemical 3
17 Product Chemical 4
18 Amount of  Chemical 4
19 Reaction Rate This is the speed of the reaction.
The higher the number, the slower the reaction.


Half-Lives Gene (only 1 gene)
Bit Description Detail
11-266 Half-life
Each chemical is represented by four numbers,
the first two represent the chemical itself,
the second two represent the half life of that chemical
(the speed at which the chemical breaks down)
0 = instantaneous 255 = very slow


Initial Concentrations Gene
Bit Description Detail
11 Chemical See the chemical list for details 
12 Initial Concentration The amount of the chemical present at birth