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Advert from 1995
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Creatures CD cover - frontThe classic norn hatching cover art for the CD jewel case
Creatures CD cover - back
Creatures CD - Cyberlife - 1996 Various CD art
Creatures CD - Warner - 1996 
Creatures CD - Mindscape - 1997
Creatures box 1 - frontThe original box art
Creatures box 1 - back a
Creatures box 1 - back b
Creatures box 2 - frontLater release box art
Creatures box 2 - back
Creatures box Japan - front

Japanese release box art

Translation of front cover by Hello, Robotto:
"Raising simulation - Creatures: The World of Norms"
Translation of back cover by Hello, Robotto:
Computer raising simulation software
Creatures: The World of Norms
The world's first virtual pets using artificial life are here!

The only virtual pet in the world with individual personalities
Because each and every "Norm" has different genetics, their personalities and habits are different. Let's think about an individual norm's character to teach and raise it well.

They learn words, too
Norms have the ability to learn language, so if they are told the same word over and over from infancy, they can remember the names of things like objects, their owner, and even other norms.

World of "Norms":
Exchange norms with your friends via e-mail
Using email or floppies, you can exchange norms with other users. Or you can arrange 'international marriages' for your norms or put them up for adoption.

They have children
When norms grow up, they fall in love, lay eggs, and raise children. The newborn norms carry on the personalities and traits of their parents and form their own original personalities.
Creatures box Japan - back
Egg Disk coverA photo of the original egg disk
Life kit box art - frontLife kit box art
Life kit box art - back
Official GuideOfficial Guide cover art

Software Pics by Cyberlife


AlbiaA photo of the original model of Geatville. there's more photos of this amazing model on this page.

A banana norn at the learning computer, probably a screen grab from the intro sequence
A norn about to hatch, probably a screen grab from the intro sequence
Funeral Two banana norns grieving for a third, in freont of Yggdrasil

One egg amongst three hatching a norn
A banana norn hiding behind leaves
IntroA norn hatching over icons for the norn life cycle, probably a screen grab from the intro sequence

Two banana norns kissing in front of the tree Yggdrasil

A PMN hatching
A banana norn in front of the Temple.
Bigger picture of the same banana norn in front of the Temple.
A banana norn and grendel waving on a blue background
Norn + Grendel A banan norn and grendel waving , same as above but bigger and with the temple in the background.
The genetic wizard norn (waves wand)
The Golden Shee Award (rotates)
The Silver Shee Award

A banana norn in a suit with a briefcase
Underwater A norn looking out of a porthole into the ocean