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Picture Cob Creator Description
beelacanth.gif (1161 bytes) Beelacanth   Cyberlife
Small white flowers with yellow centres. They need bugs or creatures to be fertilised.
coconuts.gif (1443 bytes)CoconutsPlaces coconuts on the palm trees on the island, when hit by the hand they fall to the ground, they take a few more wallops to smash into eatable pieces.
-CarrotCarrot VariationAdds new carrots to the garden - tough and bouncy.
 farm_apple.gif (1006 bytes)farm_mushroom.gif (940 bytes)farm_parsnip.gif (1000 bytes)   farm_peanut.gif (1005 bytes)  farm_pumpkin.gif (1032 bytes)Farm


Apples - on the grendel tree and under the hatchery.
Parsnips - on the surface of the island
Peanuts - around the hive ares
Pumpkins - near the well
Mushroom - doesn't work as far as I can tell
-CarrotCave CarrotsSpiritPlaces a patch of carrots in the lowest level of the island.
-CarrotLemonWater of Life
Amanita Perne
Diamanda Tackly
Adds more carrots to the carrot patch and lemons to the lemon vine.
carrot.gif (1085 bytes)Super Bouncy CarrotsMichael Shanley
(Dark Elf)
Creates improved carrots that bounce like the Cyberlife Object Pack carrots do.
 CarrotNew Carrot Patch
Creates another carrot patch to the right of the well on a patch of new soil.
potatoes.gif (2971 bytes)PotatoesGrow in the garden, when fully grown they can be pulled up, then eaten raw or cooked in the oven to make them tastier.
pumpkins.gif (2310 bytes)PumpkinsGrow in the greenhouse, which is made so that your creatures can walk through it.
sunflowers.gif (4828 bytes)SunflowersMakes the seeds on the sunflowers near  the garden &  the hives edible and regrow.
onions.gif (1264 bytes)OnionsDr §mileThese grow amongst the carrots in the garden.
Alan with RadishesRadishesMioonktooThis cob plants a self-replenishing number of radishes to the garden.

In the picture is a norn called Alan.
Kiwi Vine 
Kiwi Vine
Anne GregoryClimbs across the greenhouse, grows edible kiwi fruit.
Bliumea plant Bliumea PlantJessiAdds six vines in the basement of level of the island.

They grow edible blue flowers.
Eating them has a
cooling  effect.
Happy Pink FlowerHappy Pink FlowersPuts ten Happy Pink Flowers into the garden area. Has edible flowers.
Mugug blossom and fruitMugug FruitAllows the tree growing behind the sunflowers in the garden to put forth flowers, which later develop into edible fruit that are an aphrodisiac.
Rodirea PlantRodirea PlantAdds six vines in the basement below the music room, which grow edible red flowers.

Eating them has a
warming effect.
island_apple.gif (932 bytes)   island_sign.gif (2282 bytes)  island_mushroom.gif (937 bytes)Island GardenChris Aliotta (Brood)

Creates a garden under the island, an apple tree, a strawberry patch and mushrooms in the basement.

I created a fixed version.
island_sberry.gif (1684 bytes)

shitake_patch.gif (4018 bytes)Shitake Mushroom PatchSandra Linkletter (Slink)Logs upon which grow edible mushrooms, must be kept in the correct conditions or it will stop growing.
clover_patch.gif (3271 bytes)Clover PatchSpotlingCreates movable edible patches of clover.
herb_box.gif (2324 bytes)
Herb Box
Lee Gaiteri (LummoxJR) The herb box vends several herbs for your norns and can be moved.
trainingplant.gif (1739 bytes)Training PlantMarkham CarollA plant that is good for teaching norns to eat them, I altered the location to stop clashes with other cobs. I added  a remover to the zip.
herb4.jpg (2205 bytes)herb2.jpg (1988 bytes)
herb3.jpg (1686 bytes)herb1.jpg (1772 bytes)
Herbs Michael Shanley
Extra plants for your world, identical from the originals: Campanula, Feverfew, Morning Glory & Tomato.
weed2.jpg (1681 bytes)weed3.jpg (1957 bytes)Baobab
weed4.jpg (2305 bytes)LaburnamPyrenthium
weed5.jpg (2170 bytes)
Extra weed plants of the original varieties.
herb1.jpg (1772 bytes)
New Plants PackDavid KieferAdds new copies of the original plants. All the consumable parts of these plants are removable and edible.
lem_balm.jpg (1468 bytes)rhubarb.jpg (1491 bytes)geranium.jpg (1527 bytes) New Herb PackSteve Dismukes Lemon Balm, Rhubarb and Geranium.
rhode.jpg (1505 bytes)ink_cap.jpg (1697 bytes)tulip.jpg (1812 bytes) New Weed Pack Rhododendron, Ink Cap Mushroom and Tulip.
figtree.gif (3421 bytes)
Fig Tree
A little bush for the jungle that produces healthy fruit.
Pear Tree

Pear Tree
Daniel Smallman Put forth flowers, which if pollinated by bees or butterflies develop into juicy pears.

They will decay away after a while if uneaten.
Little Nut Tree

Little Nut Tree
AllekhaA pretty tree from a song in the Baby's Opera.

It will produce single golden nutmeg and a single silver pear at any time, which regrow once eaten. 
tree_ff.gif (3840 bytes) Tree Force Field Icepenguin A new force field that uses the Fig Tree sprites.
Fig with Weeds          Fig with Herbs
Pictures by Steve Dismukes