Vehicle Values & Commands

Commands relating to movers, teleporters and lifts.



tele x y Teleport all of the vehicle's occupants to coordinates x, y and moves the camera with it.
Used for Teleporter objects.
xvec Vehicle's x movement vector in 1/256ths pixel.
yvec Vehicle's y movement vector in 1/256ths pixel.
bump Collision data (hit left = 1, hit right = 2, hit top = 4, hit bottom = 8
cabn l t r b The coordinates of the cabin of the object, relative to the object's position.
A cabin is effectively a mobile room associated with the vehicle in which the passengers and cargo are located.
gpas Tells the vehicle to get passengers that are in contact with the cabin. 
dpas Tells the vehicle to drop all current passengers to the nearest room.
spas Get this particular passenger.
Load all nearby creatures into target VEHICLE or LIFT, or drop them again.
Normal ACTIVATE# scripts for vehicles should call GPAS and normal DEACTIVATE scripts for vehicles should call DPAS. Any vehicle's COLLISION script that effectively deactivates the vehicle on collisions should also call DPAS.
These functions are at the discretion of the designer, in case special behaviour is required.
SPAS is used to get a single creature into a vehicle; the first parameter is explicit because eggs use this command to get a given creature into the incubator at hatch time.