System Commands

Most commands that are to do with the "system"
Namely the commands affecting the overall game, not individual objects
All these commands start with "sys:"



sys: quit Saves and closes the world, so obviously this must be the last or only command in the script
sys: abrt Abandons changes and closes the world, again this must be the last or only command in the script
sys: wrld [filename.sfc] Opens a new world after saving the current one, yet again this must be the last or only command in the script
sys: cmnd id# issues an ID_XXX command message to the program. This allows scripts to activate ANY menu command
Note that command will get executed LATER - fn doesn't wait before returning! id# is
the decimal ID_XXX value - look these up in the resource file & list them for users
sys: edit l t r b Creates a temporary pink rectangle  at the given left, top, right, left coordinates.
Use "SYS: EDIT 0 0 0 0" to remove the box, although it will automatically be removed each time you shut down the game. It can be useful when deciding where to place new rooms.
sys: wpos x y width height Positions the game window to this size and position (in pixels).
Size will be obviously be limited by the screen size and resolution.
sys: wtop Set vivarium's window to be foreground window
sys: cmra x y Disconnect camera from selected creature & position it at these world coordinates.
Note the coordinates are where the top-left hand corner of the screen will be placed.
Useful to show the user where a new cob has been installed.
sys: camt Moves camera to point at current target
sys: grnd x y set ground level at position x (worldx/16)
winw x Maximum allowed view window width (world co-ordinates).
winh y Maximum allowed view window height (world co-ordinates).
app: Prefix to all applet macros that are NOT DDE calls.
These are macros that control the applets rather than talk to them.
tool [fsp] [menutext] [helptext] glyph# Issued by a DDE tool app to register itself with the toolbar.
exec [path\file] [params]
Execute a tool or other application. If fsp contains backslashes, it must be a full path, so execute GP program. If no backslashes, assume it's a tool, so try both hard drive AND CD-ROM. [params] are the command-line parameters for the program (or use [] if none).

evnt type

Add an object onto the event bar. This can be either a birth, a newly laid egg or a death.
rmev type Remove an event from the event bar.