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With thanks to: Steve Grand, Sandra Linkletter, Alexander Laemmle, Lee Gaiteri.
Without their work, upon which these pages are built, this information would not be available here.



General notes:

Commands refering to "norn" will work for any creatures, be it Shee, Ettin or Grendel.

Most number series in caos begin with 0, rather than 1, including when referring to sprite images.

All values default to 0 in new objects

Text in yellow is quoted or paraphrased from someone else who knows more about that particular thing than I do.

A good way to learn how cobs work is to download BobCob and alter existing cobs and in so doing learn how they work.
When you found commands you really don't understand then refer to the help file or my own tutorials. This is the way I learnt!

If you have any further questions or problems, feel free to ask me.